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El Pueblo Plaza

Councilmember Jose Huizar and BSS broke ground on a new 7,000 square foot pedestrian plaza along Cesar Chavez Ave.

Dodgers Paving

The gateway to Dodgers Stadium, Vin Scully Drive, was resurfaced by a BSS crew in June 2018

Complete Streets

In June, BSS broke ground on an extensive Complete Streets project along Roscoe Boulevard.  The project has many components including new sidewalk and curb ramps.  (Photo: first portion of reconstructed sidewalk completed late June, 2018)

Spring St Upgrade

Honored to join the community in celebrating Spring St complete street upgrade - innovation & collaboration in action. Thanks to the hard working men/women at the Bureau of Street Services who prepared the bikeway & paved the street.

Cool Pavement

LOS ANGELES — It’s barely 10 a.m. on an August day in Hollywood, and the heat is already becoming oppressive. The temperature’s only in the mid-80s, but in the direct sun it feels hotter—and it’s getting worse by the minute. Part of the reason is the ground. The black asphalt of this side street off Sunset Boulevard is sucking up the sun and radiating its heat back out. An infrared thermometer shows the surface temperature to be 112 degrees. By mid-day, it’ll rise above 150.