City of Los Angeles Sidewalk and Park


A. Application Process for Sidewalk and Vending Permits

Sidewalk and Park Vendors need to obtain the following in order to apply for a Sidewalk and Park Vending permit:

1. Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC) from City of Los Angeles, Office of Finance

To start the BTRC process, click on the link below, go to the bottom of the "Business Registration Requirements" page, and select "Proceed" to begin.


2. California State Seller's Permit from the State of California, Department of Tax and Fee Administration

To start the California State Seller's Permit process, click on the link below and select the "Register a New Business Activity" under the "Registration" column.


3. If you are vending food, you will also need a L.A. County Public Health Permit from the County of Los Angeles Public Health.  


4. Sidewalk and Park Vending Application

Below is the application that you will need to fill out to begin the permit process at StreetsLA.


5. Permit Fee

An annual permit fee will be required:

If you enroll on or before June 30, 2020, the fee is $291.

Effective July 1, 2020, the permit fee will be $541.